Entrepreneurs with ties to the University of Oregon (RAIN @ UO) have spent the spring working very hard toward their startup goals. Here are some of their highlights:

RAIN @ UO updates are provided by Andrew Nelson, Associate VP for Entrepreneurship and Innovation at the University of Oregon.

– Five teams of undergraduate- and graduate-student entrepreneurs from a range of disciplines received 2017 RAINmaker grants: Bliss Northwest Bridal (online retail), Foudu Built (performance auto accessories), Lightshield (gaming accessories), MTN.FUN (outdoor apparel) and Sohr (performance nutrition). The RAINmaker awards, generously funded by Rumblefish founder Paul Anthony Troiano, offer $5,000 to each startup.

– Three UO student/alum companies are in the current RAIN Eugene Accelerator cohort: Light Shield and Bliss Northwest Bridal (both RAINmaker recipients), and Aulaine Enterprises (skin care focused on protecting tattoo artwork)

– LightShield also came in third place at this year’s annual RAIN Eugene Pitchstream competition

– We wrapped up this year’s RAIN@UO seminar series with a visit from Prof. Waverly Ding (University of Maryland), who shared the latest research on venture capital syndication.

– A new branch of the University of Oregon Innovation & Entrepreneurship Club, Duck Ventures, focuses on educating students about equity investing in early-stage companies. The group held its first event in late May with Coast 2 Crest Fund founders Joe Maruschak, Shane Johnson and Dr. Steve McKeon. Assistant Dean of Portland Programs, John Hull, moderated.

– Freshmen Michelle Schaffer (Accounting) and Kendall Cablao (Computer Science) presented their startup, Student ProNet, at this year’s Seventh Annual UO Undergraduate Research Symposium.

Trail Supply Co., a resupply service for long-distance hikers and a UO/RAIN Eugene company, recently celebrated its first international orders.