Electric Logistics’ battery converter prototype model

Nothing can ruin a camping trip like packing AAA batteries for your AA battery-powered flashlight. Thankfully though, Electric Logistics, a team of Oregon State University undergraduates, is developing a battery converter that may save you from needing to put your tent up in the dark.

Electric Logistics co-founders Nathan Tamashiro and Alan Li were initially teammates in a business plan competition for their intro to entrepreneurship class last March. They took first place for a dorm rental service, however, they determined that it wasn’t financially viable and went back to the drawing board. Soon afterward, while searching the internet for new inspiration they read about outdoorsmen finding themselves out in nature with the wrong batteries. Eureka!

Presently, Electric Logistics has a working prototype. This battery converter allows you to use AAA batteries in all of your outdoor electronic devices that would typically use AAA, AA, C or D batteries.

Electric Logistics has participated in all of the RAIN Corvallis/OSU Advantage Accelerator’s programs: Iterate, Accelerate, and now, Launch.

“The programs are very helpful because they keep you focused on the big picture. You can get really absorbed in your own project, but then you’ll return to the Accelerator for the biweekly presentations and leave feeling refreshed and recharged,” said Tamashiro.  

Electrics Logistics is finalizing its manufacturing plans and hopes to have a pilot product ready to launch in November — just in time for holiday shopping.