RAIN Eugene Welcomes Newest Cohort

The RAIN Eugene Accelerator has introduced its 2018 cohort — their sixth cohort overall. During the 16-week program, participants will have access to mentors, hands-on work sessions with experts, and workspace at the 942 Innovation Hub. Participants will finish the program with everything they need to drive consistent revenue, including customer-validated pitch materials, a tested business plan, and strategy for the future.

The participating startups include:

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Algotek is a plastic replacement company using algae-based polymers to create products that are 100% biodegradable and safe for the environment from the raw materials to disposal. Team lead: David Crinnion

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Attend is an online platform linking clients with professional-grade movement instructors. Clients receive real-time personalized or group movement classes like Pilates, Yoga, and Tai-Chi, in the privacy of their home or wherever WiFi is present. Team lead: Madison Page

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FluoroSense, LLC, is developing next-generation magnetic bioimaging of oxidative protein medications for NMR and MRI fingerprinting. Applications include basic biochemical research, animal models, and eventual study and diagnosis of human diseases. Team lead: Christina Aiyami Tom, PhD

Spectra Insight designs, manufacturers, and sells scanning spectrometers for the forensic, pharmaceutical, art artifact, and vegetation industries. Team lead: Raymond Castonguay



Realize Robotics, a division of Realize LLC, designs and manufactures machine vision systems, cameras and robotic equipment.Team lead: Bryan Olmstead



Sohr Foods is about to shake up the organic food and beverage world. They make fresh alternatives to familiar food and beverage products, and each is made functional and delicious with ingredients that impact the Pacific Northwest. Team lead: Elizabeth Stoppelmann

Song Foo is a live music licensing app offering an alternative to long-term blanket-licensing, allowing musicians and DJ’s to self-license their performances on-demand, anywhere, anytime. Team lead: Zac Wolfe

Tutor Tree is a private tutor marketplace that aims to reduce the frustration and time involved with arranging a tutoring session. By connecting tutors and students efficiently and reliably through an easy to use mobile application we strive to aid students in their challenging coursework. Team lead: Rita Herbstman

VaaS Technologies is developing a blockchain-based platform to reduce fraud in luxury consumer products by verifying the authenticity and ownership of physical assets with digital identities. Team lead: Ferdinand “Fado” Pongratz