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RAIN has been invited into several cities and counties in Oregon to help them build and sustain entrepreneurial ecosystems. We look forward to serving you and the risk-takers, job creators, and change-makers in your community.

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Erin Reynolds

The RAIN Venture Catalyst model has helped our small coastal community to recognize that we have entrepreneurs and innovators here building companies with high growth aspirations and creating jobs. Knowing we can get connected to other resources around the state and compare best practices as a result of growing the venture catalyst model is incredible.” 

Erin Renoylds, Florence City Manager

Most new jobs in the United States are created by startups and small businesses. Entrepreneurship is a critical component of the central Oregon coast economy, and Oregon RAIN has cultivated a thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem for the region.

Arnie Roblan, Oregon State Senator, D-Coos Bay

“I went to a RAIN pub talk where entrepreneurs gave speed pitches, and I thought “I’m not alone”. I didn’t realize there was this community of support for startups. I felt that joining this program was exactly what I needed because it offered a road map to success and connections to mentors who had experience with launching products.

Jesse Dolin, Founder of Stoney River Sinkers
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