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Are you ready to take your startup idea to the next level?

The Oregon RAIN Coastal Pre Accelerator is a hands-on, multi-week program for founders of potentially high-growth startups in Lincoln County and Florence / West Lane County. The 10-week experience includes weekly on-site meetings with RAIN, expert speakers, mentors, and peers, in order to leverage the power of group expertise.

Dates & Locations

Wednesday nights, 5-8 PM

Lincoln County: September 5 – Nov 14, 2018, Bosque Cafe and Espresso Bar (4590, SE Harborton St, Newport, Oregon)
Florence/ West Lane County: October 17 – December 19, 2018, Oregon Pacific Bank (1355 US-101, Florence, Oregon)

Program Overview & Structure

10 weeks. 10 meetings.  One intense sprint to make or break.

Weeks 1-5, What Don’t You Know:  Guest speakers, discussion, and workshopping help founders develop a vision and strategy for their company. Founders will document their newfound vision in an Executive Summary and Pitch Deck.

Week 6: Break

Weeks 7-11, What Can You Build:  Founders set short-term goals, and sprint to implement their new vision with focused action steps. Founders will refine and further articulate their vision and story in the Executive Summary and Pitch Deck created during Weeks 1-5.


Applicants to the Coastal Pre Accelerator are founders of early-stage ventures with initial market traction and a hunger for growth. They do not need to have raised significant outside capital or become profitable yet.

Brand new startups without any sales or a market-ready product may qualify if they have a balanced team and commitment to growing their company.

After the Coastal Pre Accelerator

The Coastal Pre Accelerator is not the last step in a founder’s journey. However, after completing this program, they will have been introduced to a supportive and thriving coastal entrepreneurial ecosystem. They will have made connections to peers, mentors, and investors from the region. And they will have an open invitation to all RAIN programs, including the Coastal Scaleratror, as well as regular meetups and founders’ groups.


“I felt that joining this program was exactly what I needed because it offered a roadmap to success and connections to mentors who had experience with launching products.”

Jesse Dolin, founder of Stoney River Sinkers (Yachats) and 2017 Coastal Pre Accelerator Graduate

“I’ve had the opportunity to be coached and mentored by several accomplished entrepreneurs who have started and sold high growth companies and raised substantial investment capital.  Because of RAIN, we have the contacts to expand nationally, and potentially internationally.”

Patricia Immel, co-founder of Nature Savvy (Florence) and 2017 Coastal Pre Accelerator Graduate


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Program Outline

Week 1: Opportunity

  • Why this sector
  • Why this market
  • What business model

Week 2: Landscape

  • Competition
  • Ecosystem players
  • External resources and components

Week 3: Traction I

  • Value Propositions
  • Messaging
  • Branding

Weel 4: Traction I

  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Financial forecasting

Week 5: Closing the Gap

  • People you need
  • Resources you need
  • Capital it will cost

Week 6: Break

Weeks 7-11: Work Period

  • Work sprint
  • Update pitch and 1-pager
  • Weekly mentor meeting