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Lowell, Veneta & Oakridge

Why RAIN was invited to the Lowell, Oakridge & Veneta communities

Sarah Means, Lane County’s economic development lead, recommended RAIN to both Jared Cobb and Louis Gomez, Lowell and Oakridge City Administrators, respectively, after they had both expressed interest in supporting their local entrepreneurs. Shortly after, both Cobb and Gomez reached out to RAIN asking for our help in finding and supporting their startup companies. They specifically wanted help building a culture of entrepreneurship and innovation in their region.

RAIN’s Venture Catalyst Manager began rolling out our Entrepreneurial Development Model in October 2017, and soon after identified several entrepreneurs in the region excited to receive help with either bringing their business ideas to reality or scaling their existing startup company. Industries included food and beverage, consumer goods, and education technology.

RAIN raised funds from Lane County, The Ford Family Foundation, and the Cities of Lowell and Oakridge, to hire a part-time Rural Venture Catalyst to support their region’s startups.

Shortly after, in October of 2018, Ric Ingham, City Administrator for the City of Veneta reached out inquiring about being included.

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