Oregon RAIN’s Rural Venture Catalysts connect entrepreneurs in small and rural communities with strategic resources for launching and scaling business ventures, including making mentor connections, offering educational and training programs, and providing access to capital.


Oregon RAIN Venture catalysts are experienced entrepreneurs and/or investors who are well-connected and have strong working relationships with local businesses, municipalities, elected officials, economic and community development organizations, and other institutions. Venture Catalysts also promote broad community participation and support for the regional entrepreneurial ecosystem.


Oregon RAIN has attracted and supported startups in several small communities; industries include consumer products, food and beverage, technology, and healthcare-focused companies. Since 2015, the 214 companies assisted through Oregon RAIN’s Rural Venture Catalyst Model have created 285 jobs, generated $8.4 million in revenue, and raised $2.7 million in capital. Oregon RAIN has enlisted over 200 mentors and engaged dozens of individual investors to support those companies and communities.


While typically invited and funded by local governments, Oregon RAIN is committed to helping its partners leverage initial investments into matching funds from public and/or private entities.